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If you look at an old picture of the Stock Exchange, or an old postcard, you will probably see pressing an extremely busy crowd on the steps of the Stock Exchange. These high characters colors are sometimes evoked in the novel of Zola, the Money. It was about the market of the Wet Feet whose name is evocative.

The treated values were sometimes old glories fallen stars as the Universal Bank which will finish its career there (created by Saccard the hero of the Money). It exchanged there also more or less folk heaps of values like gold mines without Gold, of the oil wells without Oil. There were even incidentally serious values, but of weak notoriety. Some even claim that there was much of it. Sharks and poets of finance côtoyaient themselves there in good intelligence. You could buy dream for expensive step there. Sometimes as with the Lotto a person took down the first prize. Oil could spout out at a place where reasonably one could hardly hope to find some. Insolvent states ruined by the War were transformed into economic power and refunded credits considered to be irrecoverable and bought at a price symbolic system.

The shares intended to illustrate this page were selected in an arbitrary way. There they were not inevitably negotiated on this market, but could have been.




The Company of the Mines of Djebel-Djérissa was negotiated on the market Other the counter until the suppression of this one. It is about a Tunisian mine probably closed at the present time, and of which we do not know large-thing. It a long time conveyed a share of dream among some of its followers, who told with which wanted to hear it that there were significant credits. The latter probably existed only in the imagination of those which collected this title systematically. This share of dream was a significant component of the old market Other the counter, which was the successor of the market of the Wet Feet. Since it was replaced by the open market. The exotic values of the H.C. disappeared, and dreams it too for a great part. In the same way we do not have any more the occasion of côtoyer all these high characters colors, old stock-brokers, young people or old men made, old small-time speculators, reprocessed who made his charm. Much left us for a world which one known as better.

Shares of 5000 francs to the bearer. 312 615 shares issued
Registered office 60, street of the Victoire in Paris
R.C. The Seine N° 56 B 7024
Shares of 5 Dinars to the bearer of 1406760 Dinars
Registered office 19, street Al-DjaZira in Tunis
R.C. Tunis N° 176

Always for the H.C. and Tunisia, (pas of photograph for the moment), here the Mines of Douaria . More news of this friendly company in liquidation R.C. B 572 218 253 and whose Seat of liquidation was at one time given to the 50 street of Richier. There too a tiny hope made live the title, until it falls into the lapse of memory. With the suppression of the H.C. it made a short passage to the Compartment of the erased values, but was the subject of no quotation, even at a price symbolic system.

The Company of the Pyrites of Huelva (in Spain) was victim of the great purging of except dimension a few years before its suppression. It would be in friendly liquidation.

The loan China 5% 1914 of 500 F was the only Chinese loan treated on the H.C., the others being it the cash. It is also only A being made out in only one currency the gold franc. It knew various fortunes. It A had extreme courses moved away enough from the time of its quotation. Without it being known why it is the subject sometimes of speculative pushes on the market of the collection, but without equalizing certain varieties of the Reorganization 1913. Many old stock-brokers knew it with regrets at very low prices, sometimes during several years. In the same way for the old collectors which scorned it when it was common. Others benefited from it to make collecting under excellent conditions. (To wait a little for the photograph).

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