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Chinese bonds.
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Légende de photo :Chine 100 £ émis en Allemagne

The famous Chinese5% gold bond 1902




Chinese Imperial Governement 100 £.

Kaiserlich Chinesische Staatsanleihe.

Berlin den 1 Marz 1898. Deutch-Asiatische Bank.


Emprunt Chinois 5% Or 1902.

This Chinese loan was issued at the beginning of the last century. Its face value was 500 gold francs, about 1500 of our current euros. Part of the bonds was refunds in francs Poincare, devalued of 80%. There were litigations concerning the indexing. In this fact some bonds are to us of this fact coming. They would have normally had all to be refund in twenty years from the tenth year, it is has to say between 1913 and 1932.


Chine Bon du Trésor 1920